Wailua, Maui HI

This Elua Village condominium is in one of the older low-rise Maui developments and sits directly on the beach in Wailea, Maui.

While a spacious 1700 square feet, the kitchen was very small with no view to the ocean and both bathrooms needed to be completely remodeled.

Many of the condos in Elua Village had been remodeled in various styles from early American traditional to Southwestern. The owners wanted to use colors and materials that would honor the feeling of “old Hawaii”, and in a way that was both modern and traditional.

Los Alamitos, CA

A cabinetmaker asked that we remodel the kitchen of his modest one story tract home. The existing kitchen was completely separated from the living room by a wall containing a single door.

Removing the entire wall would have left the kitchen too open, yet leaving any portion of the wall would always be a reminder of the kitchen as a separate room. The solution was not to use any “wall” elements at all, but rather use the new kitchen cabinets as furniture elements shape and define the relationships between the spaces.

The owner wanted an abundance of natural light so the ceiling of the kitchen was raised to the roof rafters and multiple insulated skylights were installed. The kitchen walls were clad in white subway tile extended to the ceiling so that the upper cabinets could hang on the walls more as sculptural elements than cabinets.

Newport Beach, CA

Designed for a family of four, this 6000 square foot two story residence was envisioned by the owners to be very modern home defined by natural light and interconnected open living spaces.

Sitting on a nearly 2 acre site the house is approached by driving through two gatehouses (one a studio, the other a small guest house) into a large motor court defined on the sides by a garage structure and a tree bosque. The house is entered at the second level which is connected by a stair atrium leading down to the kitchen and main living rooms at the garden level.

The garden level is connected to an expansive landscaped backyard defined by large oak trees in the distance and accented by a large circular swimming pool positioned as a sculptural element.